• Unicorn Meat, Klingons and ERP Platforms – All the Write Moves: Part 1.1b

    ta’ jegh – That’s Klingon for “Content is King” (hey, don’t tell me you didn’t learn something today!) But unless you are at a Star Trek convention, that piece of unearthly wisdom is likely not going to earn you any merit badges of mainstream social inclusiveness or even build personal equity for your ascent up the Corporate ladder. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and infuse a little awkwardness by dabbling in Klingon speak with your friends over a beer, or perhaps during your next Quarterly Business Review. But I digress… Point is, as a Demand Generation professional, I find myself constantly swimming in the deep end of the content marketing pool – and I come across some great examples of extremely well-written, engaging and impactful pieces and then some, well – examples that might have well been written in Klingon. And all too often it comes down to missing what is typically rule #1 in writing: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! (Oh how my High School English Teacher Mr. Stroud would be so proud of me for that – except my grammar

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