• Land of the “Lost” – Local Business and the Evolving Advertising Landscape

    Running a successful small business can be a daunting task – keeping up with the challenges of advertising it can seem almost impossible. After spending the day fighting for every dime with suppliers, acting as the company’s judge and jury for all HR issues, balancing the books, forging partnerships, checking for product quality and inventory levels, and – oh yeah, acting as a marketing expert – who has time to keep up with all the advertising changes today. Fact is, for many business owners when it comes to advertising, they still go with what they know – and oftentimes it’s not the same story they once knew just a few years back. But the Advertising Landscape Seems to Evolve by the HOUR! And it’s not just the local business owner who feels this way – heck, there are multinationals with loads of resources zigging when they should’ve zagged when it comes to media – especially with “new” media. And when time is already not your friend, it’s that much harder to keep up with the changes. I can’t

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