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Welome to my blog! So you want to know a little about me, huh? I’m originally from the great state of New York but have called Arizona my home since 1997 (but I do still have my NY sports teams alliances). I live there with my wife, Michelle (she is a much better writer than me – after all, she’s the editor-in-chief of FOUR magazines), and my son and daughter.

For more than a decade I’ve worked in Demand Generation, mostly before it was ever referred to as Demand Generation. I’ve had the opportunity to straddle the line between marketing and sales for all types of companies, from tiny start-up to large multinationals. Add a few different industries to the mix: Healthcare, Finance, Software and Advertising/Media, and it’s been one great learning experience, I have to say!

Fact: I’m ambidexterous – I can throw a ball equally with either hand (I’m not sure which is more natural to me). Why do I mention this?  I find that on any given day, the left and right side of my brain fight it out – I love to brainstorm, to come up with creative ideas, to storytell. At the same time, I can sit at my computer, and analyze and pivot data with the best of ’em. And just like it is with my throwing arms, I’m not sure if the creative or analytical side is more natural to me. This must be what makes me such a skeptical optimist.

At the end of the day, I hope you enjoy my blogs. I’ll throw ideas out – and look for you to run with them or even try to shoot holes through them. As long as it’s civil conversation, I’ll engage. Enjoy!

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(Please also know that all views on this website are mine and are not representative of my employer. Much of what I write or post is in good humorous fun and is never meant to degrade anyone regardless of gender, race, religion, income level etc.)

Dan Glicksman


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