Everyone Starts With An Audience Of Zero

I mentioned my new page to a co-worker recently. I joked that I could very well have the greatest thing to say here in my first blog – but in the presence of my audience of zero, does it matter?

So I start at the top – with how I fundamentally see the world of Demand & Lead Generation. I break it down into an acronym that has been used in the business world before: FOSA (formerly Facts Objections Solutions Actions – so technically I’m not complicating the world by adding a NEW acronym). To me, Demand & Lead Generation is a machine that requires Marketing and Sales to work hand-in-hand to be both effective and efficient. FOSA focuses on four things that are critical to help drive revenue (no matter how small or big your organization may be). Here is a very brief overview, and expect to see more detail in upcoming blogs:

F – First interaction/purchase: Heavily focused on basic demand generation activities to feed and nurture leads in the top end of the sales funnel, with sales playing an integral role in converting those leads to wins, spending time on building customer lifetime value (and less time prospecting!).

O – Opt-in: Once we have the attention of a customer, it’s critical to keep it. Through things like Social Media involvement, mobile texting or Marketing Automated correspondence, Sales MUST be a huge driver in making sure their customers pay attention – selling the VALUE of opting in! And Marketing must provide the content that is relevent, valuable and impactful in order to keep the customer interested.

S – Subsequent interactions/purchase: The demand generation funnel starts all over again, with Marketing focused on targeting the right customers ripe for the right up-sell — serving them up on a silver platter for Sales whenever possible.

A – Advocacy: This is probably the most overlooked and most important stage – our customers are our best megaphones! In our increasingly online social times, how can you not afford to have your customers speaking on your behalf? They are your wingman to every sales call, your off-the-books customer service agent, your lifeline to growth! Advocacy is Sales-driven – they know who is a happy customer and they know who will talk on your behalf. Sales must hand these back over the wall to Marketing! And like before, Marketing is critical in executing the associated content strategies which inevitably drive both F and S stages!

So there it is in a nutshell – and believe it or not, while this may sound like a giant BIG BIZ-only idea, it’s really not. Any small business can improve its bottom line by focusing on FOSA. I’ll describe this more in coming weeks. Even though my co-worker told me not to worry, that everyone starts with an audience of zero, I still have to wonder how long it will remain that way. Then again, as long as I apply my principles of FOSA – I shouldn’t worry.

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Below is a crudely put-together graphic of how I see the the the world of Demand & Lead Generation. I’ll talk more about this in subsequent blog posts!

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  1. Tammy /

    Absolutely agree with this – “Demand & Lead Generation requires Marketing and Sales to work hand-in-hand to be both effective and efficient.”

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