• Content Marketing – Is Your Best Content “Cast Away” Without Human Capital Management?

    In the 2000 hit movie Cast Away, FedEx executive Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, is marooned on a tropical deserted Island and left with only his smarts and savvy in a daily fight for survival. But beyond his smarts he was somewhat fortunate in that he had more than just what resided on that island to help him get by. If you recall, several FedEx boxes washed ashore, as well. Inside of many of them it turned out there were items that turned out to be extremely useful and which aided him at different times (I remember him opening the ice skates and thinking, perfect, just what Chuck needs on a tropical island.) But just about every single item played a role in Chuck’s survival. Now imagine the same movie, with all of those boxes washing ashore, but instead of opening them, Chuck decides to make a fire on day number one using the unopened boxes as kindle… or maybe he just never pays attention to them and they wash back out to sea.

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