• From the Gut: Rethink the Display CLICK

    It sure is en vogue to be riding the “death of traditional media bandwagon.” Attend any modern marketing event and you can’t escape the feeling the moment you walk in the door of a cultish ambience that permeates the room as the finger of modern marketing’s creeping death lurks all around to slay anything that doesn’t represent the new thinking (ok, I might be blacklisted from these events by the close of this blog.) And lumped into the anti-traditional marketing mentions that often seem to have little to no B2B vs B2C distinction are the “rah rah” keynotes calling for the end of days when it comes specifically to the online display advertisement (which is an infant compared to typical forms of traditional marketing.) So I’ve decided to go traditional too, the old-school REAL blog style – a stream of thought with no research while resorting to just the gut to defend the display ad. Let’s get this out of the way before I go any further, I’m a bit of a hybrid – I’ve relied on content marketing to drive lead generation through my tele

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