• ALL TV is INSTANT Response TV

    Scenario: you own a business selling widgies (competitor to widgets and not to be confused with the painful wedgie). You come to find out there is a Zookapalooza Festival in a nearby park where a thousand people will gather. You also know, through research and the expertise of your media consultant that about 80% of these gatherers are avid widget consumers and hence, also hold a high potential to buy your widgies. So what do you do? Perhaps you print up a thousand leaflets with widgie coupons and you plan to personally hand them out one by one. Or maybe you negotiate with the event organizers to sponsor the event, maybe set up a table to promote and sell your wares. Bottom line – you know your audience, and in this case you know where they are gathering and you also plan to have some degree of active involvement to brand your business and drive revenue. Makes sense right? Of course it does – you are a smart business person. Hold that thought and let’s switch gears

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