• Everyone Starts With An Audience Of Zero

    I mentioned my new page to a co-worker recently. I joked that I could very well have the greatest thing to say here in my first blog – but in the presence of my audience of zero, does it matter? So I start at the top – with how I fundamentally see the world of Demand & Lead Generation. I break it down into an acronym that has been used in the business world before: FOSA (formerly Facts Objections Solutions Actions – so technically I’m not complicating the world by adding a NEW acronym). To me, Demand & Lead Generation is a machine that requires Marketing and Sales to work hand-in-hand to be both effective and efficient. FOSA focuses on four things that are critical to help drive revenue (no matter how small or big your organization may be). Here is a very brief overview, and expect to see more detail in upcoming blogs: F – First interaction/purchase: Heavily focused on basic demand generation activities to feed and nurture leads in the top end of the

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