• CRM – Opportunity Knocks! How Sales Can Help Marketing Help Sales

    Before I start, if you have a weak stomach or are prone to get nauseous in the face of cheesy sales lines, then look away until the next paragraph. If not, well, let me start by saying I used to be in sales and when I say “sales,” I mean I started in the worst variety: the “boiler-room” type. There, I was trained to blurt out all sorts of unthinkable lines, but there is one in particular that strikes me each time the word “opportunity” comes up: “Mr. Jones [I tap the phone on the desk], you hear that, that’s opportunity knocking!” Ugh… my stomach! Ok, you don’t have to look away anymore. Now, opportunity these days, thankfully, means something completely different to me than that “Mr. Jones” example. It’s something, as a marketer, that I use to gauge the potential success of my campaigns when using CRM in conjunction with Marketing Automation. I’m always looking ahead, trying to project out by using a pipeline multiple to give me some sort of an idea of

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